Foam Scatter Mid Green

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Are you looking for the perfect Ground Cover Flock Scatter terrain material, then look no further!

The foam range is:

  • A special Premium blend of Foam Scatter containing fine and coarse foliage,
  • Finer than sawdust to create a smoother finish with greater coverage.
  • Absorbs adhesives and glues far better than sawdust.
  • Adheres to boards and surfaces better than sawdust resulting in a longer lasting and more durable finish.
  • Colour fast, won’t bleed colour and will retain original once adhesives have dried.
  • Easy to blend with other colours to give a more distinct and refined blend.
  • Due to the durable nature of the product is it ideal for Wargaming Boards, Train Layouts, Dioramas and other hobbies where frequent handling can be an issue.

Easy to use

Foam Scatter can be used for a multitude of different effects, placed directly on to a layout to create realistic ground cover or it can be sieved into 2 different textures, A finer effect Ground Cover Flock Scatter for detail work and coarser texture flock to replicate weeds or grass,

Foam Scatter can also be applied as foliage to trees and basic shrubs to replicate leaves and foliage, for better effects please see our range of dedicated tree foliage.

Also, great when applied over rocky outcrops to replicate scrubland.

Approx: 20g